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Fort making kits

mckayleesmom wrote: did anyone else's kids get them for xmas? I found Mckaylee's for 15 bucks......It was worth every penny too. She was outside after dark last night in the back yard building away....I finally had to make her come in. Her and Russell are out back right now at it again. Mckaylee builds and Russell hands her the parts... laugh.gif

Last night she came and got me to look at her "house" and I have to admit that I was amazed....She had it 2 stories high and managed to get the roof on perfect...I asked her how she got up that high and she said "I stood on my bike"... rolling_smile.gif

She did better then me....I built the first one for them yesterday and it looked like crud... laugh.gif

Cece00 replied: Do you have a link? That sounds neat!

mckayleesmom replied: Let me look for one.....I know they sell them at Walmart.

mckayleesmom replied: This is the one we have......and its way cheaper then the ones at Walmart, but it is the same thing. Ours is by Right Brain.....but this looks just like it by cranium.

TheOaf66 replied: good idea but I don't think I could justify it...we had to do our best to make snow forts and such but if it would keep Tanner entertained I would probably do it

Cece00 replied:
Oh, ok. I saw those @ Target.

Well obviously we dont have one but I think it looks really cute. My kids would probably like it. I might have to put that on the list for my oldest son's birthday or this upcoming Christmas.

mckayleesmom replied:
It really is worth it and easy for them to do....everything is they can pop the stuff into place themselves.

lisar replied: I never saw those. My kids would love that.

mckayleesmom replied: Here are some other types

Jungle Adventure
This one is really cute...I might order it for the kids

TheOaf66 replied:

sparkys2boys replied: Oh my gosh my boys would LOVE that!! I may have to look into one or two of those for Easter.. TFS!

A&A'smommy replied: WOW that is SOOO cool!!! thumb.gif

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: I have seen them at Target. I like the idea, but I would be making it for the kids, which of course is okay, but it would also get destroyed in like 2 minutes (I have two very destructive kids!). I think I'll stick to them using the couch pillows instead, at least for another few years. Plus, it's so dang cold here, it would take up my whole house. wink.gif Sounds fun though!

Calimama replied: Oh those look really neat!! thumb.gif

Hillbilly Housewife replied: they look kind of neat... my kids wouldn't play with it though. I bought those nylon fort things from Ikea... they just tore it down. rolleyes.gif

Crystalina replied: Heck! Who cares about the kids? I want one! biggrin.gif

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