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I can't keep this stuff contained - tmi

mammag wrote: Since Keegan was sick about a week ago (when he was throwing up & had diarrhea) he has had very explosive poo that is half way up his back w/in moments. I am having to change his clothes still a few times a day and he's staining many blankets as well.

Do you think this could just be the teething? He's acting completely normal other than that. He even laughs as I'm cleaning him all up like it's good fun... rolleyes.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: Sorry cant help you sad.gif
But I hope it stops soon

ediep replied: that doesn't sounds like teething to me, it sounds like a virus. Jason had the Rotavirus last year and it was just like you described but he also had a high fever. I'd call the ped. Jason had those types of poops for almost 10 days after the fever wa gone. It was rediculous..

A&A'smommy replied: Alyssa does that when she is teething she has been doing that for the last couple of weeks rolleyes.gif

But it couldn't hurt to call and ask your ped. about it?

mammag replied: Yeah, I think maybe I will call the dr. tomorrow. Thanks guys!

JAYMESMOM replied: There is a possiblity it could be teeting but sounds more like a virus. I would definetely call the peds tommorrow.

ammommy replied: Have you introduced any new foods recently? Both of my kids did this when they ate new foods, especially ones high in milk.

mammag replied: Well, the only thing he had been introduced to when it started was the rice cereal (just made with water) and then sweet potatos but he had been eating those for about 2 weeks before tis happened.

mammag replied: I just called and talked to the nurse. She said it does sound like it was a virus but that it's probably just working its way out of his system....kind of what I thought. She said I could try giving him bananas or applesauce and that might help to firm things up. He tried bananas the other day but wasn't thrilled with it....course he was in a bad mood at the time.

She said to wait it out a couple more days and then give them a call if it's not better.

A&A'smommy replied: I hope he gets better soon!!! ((((HUGS)))

moped replied: Well I would say just give him time - how long have these poops been like that? Jakc had a flu a few months ago and I was worried so I took him in and they said the rule of thumb is 10 days and by the 10th day everything was firm again.................


He might be a bit young for the toast but it worked for Jack

mammag replied: Since last Thursday so it's only been 5 days I guess. I have more bananas so I'm going to give him some of those at lunch.

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: I can't be much help since I'm going through the same thing with Wil and can't figure it out. Yet his are green. Wil was sick a couple weeks ago with just a cold and I was told it was just what happens at the end of a cold. Just working it's way out. But I was also told it could be a virus. Could also be what he's eating. So sorry I am no help. All I can recommend is make sure he's getting enough fluids so he's not dehydrated. My mom swears the BRAT diet works too like Jen says. Wil loves bananas so that's working some. No explosive bm for us today yet! Yay! Good luck! thumb.gif

EmilyandPhoebesMommy replied: It might be a virus.

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