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If Eddie Izzard knew about pregnancy woes - this is something he'd say.

maniacmaggiesmom wrote: "Creating a baby! Add some toes!"
*other persona* "Sir there's pollen in the nose! What are we to do?"
*first persona* "Hmm? Pollen? Thats no good. Get it out! Get it out! Full power!"
*SP* "Right away sir!" *sneeze* "Gah!! Bleeding! What now?!"
*FP* " them have to pee real bad!"
*SP* "What? There are no bathrooms around!"
*FP* "Just...why are you...just do it, man! I've got to add the brain and make the genitals! I can't be bothered with pollen in the nose!"

thats all. thats from no sleep in the past two days because of hay fever.

C&K*s Mommie replied: huh.gif unsure.gif huh.gif I do not fully understand the post above, but sorry about your hay fever. My kids and I have been having some allergy probs for a week now, too.

CantWait replied:
Oh know Nicole, I was thinking the same thing, but seeing on how my opinions have been lately, I just didn't want to say anything. wink.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: wink.gif laugh.gif

mckayleesmom replied: I don't get it either....hmmm.

maniacmaggiesmom replied: eddie izzard is a british comedian.

mckayleesmom replied:
Oh....where there lies the mystery. thumb.gif

ashtonsmama replied:
*Lightbulb goes off in head*

That could be the reason for the confusion. Interesting post.
Sorry I totally didn't get it.

CantWait replied:
laugh.gif laugh.gif

Bee_Kay replied: Hmmm, I've watched Eddie Izzard before.... and I still don't get it! emlaugh.gif

PrairieMom replied:
I LOVE LOVE eddie Izzard. but I still don't get it. laugh.gif
That skit he does about the trojan horse and the Vacume cracke me up! laugh.gif

Bee_Kay replied:
LOL! yeah.... or the "cake or death?" one!! emlaugh.gif or the "heimlich makeover" one!! hahaha

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