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Jen (jenhopkins) - and other Canadians

C&K*s Mommie wrote: Just curious about your home country of Canada-- what are some of the other perks of living there?? Like I heard that there is free health care.

For us, in the US there are plenty too, and I love it, but I think some of the perks are different up there although I was not sure.

1lilpeanut2love replied: I think they get 1-year maternity leave. PAID. I heard someone on 'Regis and Kelly' say that the father can also get 6-months off. PAID. I think that is what I heard. DOnt quote me though.

luvmykids replied: I don't know a lot, but my ex-boyfriends family is from Canada (most still live there) and they were always talking about the perks. I can't remember them but they sounded good back then! Like the government takes great care of it's people in general is basically the impression I got.

ETA-since I'm not Canadian and my name isn't Jen, maybe I should just shut up lol

moped replied: Not really but sort of. But to avoid a wholelong post I will just say that it is provincial health for you each state is different. In Alberta we pay Alberta Health care, but if you are employed that company pays for it as par to of your company benefits along with dr visits, perscriptions, etc etc...........yes we do get 1 year mat leave, but only at about 60% of your wage, which is not all that much and a pretty big cut right!!!!!!!! And that money is thru the unemployment, I personally could not take a year because that was too much of a cut in pay and with a $1400 mortage a month - OUCHIE!!!!!

I have travelled a fair bit to the US and all in all things are pretty much the same.

In the city I live, of 1 million it is very very close to the Canadian Rocky Mountains which are gorgeous, but i don't ski or anything so I look at them from my upstairs window.....some would say tha tis a big benefit.

We get the cold winters and hot hot summers, some parts of Canada (Vancouver) don't get as cold of winters at all, very nice climate over there!!!!

Any other questions??????????????????

moped replied: I should mention that each city is different - it is getting extremely expensive to live here (Calgary), but other cities like Toronto and Vancouver and Montreal are just as expensive. Worse I think actually. Those are the four MAJOR cities - Rocky can probably peak for the eatern part of the country..................I am not into politics at all so I can't touch that subject really.

moped replied: OH and yes the father can paternal leave for 6 months which means the mother can only take 6 months instead of a year total regardless if the mother takes it or the father or both!

C&K*s Mommie replied: oh Monica.... emlaugh.gif You are hilarious! You can post anywhere you choose to, I always post on other people things. biggrin.gif

moped replied: Calgary hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics and all the athletes still train here! Actually seconds from my house is the Olympic Park

C&K*s Mommie replied: Yes, a dumb one though... so get ready to roll your eyes.

Geographically speaking if you are further north than the equator then I am here in the Southern US, how can any part of Canada get hot, hot summers?

Also, you say it is expensive living Alberta, and some of the other provinces are just as expensive-- so is the cost of living comprable to the actual pay you receive?

moped replied:
Not a dumb one but it is a tough one - we are north of the equator as is most of the northern hemisphere right? we would get half the year cold and half warm - am I making any sense???? We get very very hot in the summer months (May-Sept) and colder after that and by about Feb we are COLD!!!!!!!! We ar enow coming into spring so everything is warming up nicely.

Cost of living - yes.......I suppose we are paid according to that........I don't know about cost of living for you in FL but I think it is pretty comparable...............I have a freind that i am seeing this month in Rotunda and he jsut bought a house there for about $300,000....that is standard here - that would ge tyou a decnt house, nothing fancy but a nice family house. ANd I am not sure of salaries there.

booey2 replied: Well living in Toronto, Ontario it can get very hot and muggy here in the summer and very cold and damp in the winter.

C&K*s Mommie replied: I get it smile.gif Thanks Jen and booey2!!! It makes sense, now. thumb.gif cool.gif

And here in and around my city, $300,000 would get a nice home. Not huge, but maybe somewhere around 2000-2500sqft. On the island, anywhere in our town, or north of our town or nearby. Get out of town, you can get a little land with that too.

Salaries on the average are not excellent, but it mostly depends on what company you are with. But our little city is thriving though. smile.gif

moped replied: There aren't huge differences between Canada and US, basically it is just a line seperating the two countries..........of course I am partial to Canada, but I LOVE the US as well....................ya know.

Our city is thriving because of hte oil and gas head offices etc etc.................Calgary is booming and has been for a while, but this city is also known the be cyclical - ups and downs depending on the wrold gas prices as is most of Canada I would think.

I mean of course we have different laws and stuff but we live just like you do I think.........

Some people think that Canada is behind times with stuff but that is so not hte case.

Hope this helps

C&K*s Mommie replied: it does.... I understand some things about your country now- it is just as nice of a place as I thought it was. Thank you!! thumb.gif

TANNER'S MOM replied: Here a 300,000 home is a very nice home.. I mean at 2 stories brick executive, possible pool in a sub division..

It could buy a nice home in the country with 100 plus acres also.

kimberley replied:
i wish!!! i have been looking at the houses in my neighborhood and for a small 3bdrm bungalow you are looking at about $400,000-$450,000 ohmy.gif ohmy.gif it makes me want to puke.gif
for half a mil, i want serious acreage and a castle!! laugh.gif

and dh was entitled to a yr paternity leave at 60%pay from EI.

Hillbilly Housewife replied: Here's the eastern side of things:

( rolling_smile.gif )

First off - Maternity leave, "I think" is only 17 weeks. Then PARENTAL leave kicks in - and you have the remainder of the 50 weeks to split between the parents, if you so wish. if the dad takes 4 weeks from it, it takes off 4 weeks that the mom can take. And it's paid at 55% of the salary you were earning before you took parental leave. IT DOES NOT PAY YOU IF YOU WERE NOT WORKING BEFORE. You need to have worked 13 weeks (650 hours) prior to your unemployment in order to be eligible for the benefits.

The average 3 bedroom 2 storey house around here is about 120,000 - 160,000. Where I lived before, Ottawa, another big citiy - you forgot about Ottawa Jen!! - my grandparents sold their 4 bedroom 2 storey house for close to 350,000$, and it was a bad market. My 3 bedroom condo I had before moving here was bought at 134,000$ and it's valued now at 169,000$ - it was almost sold, but now my mother is living it it - and renting out her own, 2 doors down. rolleyes.gif

It gets hot here - but you guys think our "hot" is cold. We'd be down where you guys are, you guys would have a jacket on, we'd be in a t-shirt. laugh.gif

I like days where the temp is between 25* and 33*. Not too hot... just warm enough that it's enjoyable, not sweaty. That's about 77 to degrees 91 Fahrenheit. And that doesn't count the humidity though... it can get upwards of almost 40 degrees celcius (104 F), sometimes the really bad days are worse. The cold days - they suck. A GOOD cold day is about -10 or -15... which is about 14F to 5F and sometimes the "windchill factor" brings it wayyy down, to almost -40 (which is -40 for you guys as well) and THAT is a tuque scarf and mitts day. rolling_smile.gif

I've noticed lots of visitors from the states around here (I wonder why? there is nothing where I live... rolling_smile.gif ) and on a day where we're like: "oh, it's kinda cold..." as we walk around with a jacket, unzipped, maybe some small gloves... the Americans are bundled up SOOO tight - they look like the kids that are playing in the snow. It's sooo funny - you guys are wayyy too obvious. rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

Now, I'm just teasing.. but it's true. wink.gif

As for salaries - depends where you're working. DH is making about 32,000$ a year now, and I'm making about 24,000$, give or take a bit... but the cost of living here is low compared to other places, so the salary is also based on cost of living. Where I lived before, the cost of living is un-natural... lol and so the salaries are close to double what they are here. Like a 2 bedroom appartment downtown where I used to live - 1200$ a month, EASY. Here - a 2 bedroom appartment "downtown" is about 350$ plus about 100$ utilities.

As for gas - out here it's expensive. Lately it's been going at about 1$ a if we put about 45 litres in our car - that's "about 45$" - and that would be about... almost 12 gallons for you guys. I think someone was saying it was averaged at about 3$ a gallon right now - so that's 36$ vs our 45$ to "fill up" Of course in Alberta, it's cheaper than that...lucky you!

Health care is free - but it's not "free" free... there are some things we pay for. For instance, any cosmetic surgery that isn't related to, say, a car accident. In other words, boob lifts aren't covered, kwim? However, sex changes are in most cases. How dumb is that? a 45,000$ operation, paid for by MY tax money, because Mr. Mom over here feels like a woman. dry.gif ANyways... but the disadvantage of "free" health care - is there is a Looooong wait. I see you guys talk about calling your peds for advice, and being seen right away etc... that just doesn't happen here - you go to a walk-in clinic, you're there minimum 2 hours. Go to the ER at the hospital - unless your child is spilling their guts everywhere, you have a 2 to 3 hour wait, and that's if you're lucky. I've spent from 2 hours to 12 hours in a hospital, WAITING to be seen.

Schools - we have public, and catholic school boards. I think it's being pushed to have a Jewish school board and a Muslim school board... but that's just whispers I hear from DH's bigot opinionnated cousin.

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