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OUR ages.. - :)yes you!

kel wrote: was just wondering old are the mothers on this board?
i swear in cape town ,i have not met a single mommy my age!
all the moms are in their 30's..!!
i dont htink i had kira too just seems women are waiting until later to have kids..
is this true for you??
im 24..btw:)

Mommieto2Girls replied: Hi, I'm 27. biggrin.gif

KatieLeigh79 replied: I'm 24, DH is 27 - but we were together since I was 15 and he was 18, so it seems like its been forever! wink.gif We started trying when I was 20 and ended up with treatments at 23 to finally get pregnant, around here it seems all the women either do it way to early (when they are still teens) or 24-26, granted we live in a town where there are hardly any children so that still makes it a challenge.

MomToMany replied: I'm 27, but will be 28 in October. DH is 34. I had my first when I was 16 (he's 11 years old now), then 18, 23, 25, and then 27. It's hard finding friends who don't think I screwed up by having kids so young.

Boys r us replied: I'm 28

Kirstenmumof3 replied: ohmy.gif I'm going to be 30 next Friday. I had my first when I was 20, my second when I was 22 and Claudia when I was 28. Where I live there are a lot of teenage moms and a lot of moms who wait until they are in their 30's. But I have made a few friends my age that have children around the same age as my children.

amynicole21 replied: smile.gif Just turned 29

booey2 replied: Okay now I feel old, I am 34 now, turning 35 in December.

ediep replied: I'm 29 and Dh is 31

momof2girls replied: I am 34
dh is 36
man I feel old! lol

coasterqueen replied: Just turned 30 unsure.gif
Dh will turn 30 in about 1.5 months.

TylerJ1029 replied: I'm 22, DH is 21 and our son just turned 10 months.

aspenblue1 replied: I am 29

My2Beauties replied: I am 23, DF is 25 so close to you in age smile.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: Granny checking in here at 33. 34 in february. rolling_smile.gif

5littleladies replied: I'll be 26 on Monday. happy.gif

Littlejojames replied: Just turned 24 and DB is 26 in 2 months wub.gif

Alice replied:
Then I'm not sure how to refer to myself-- I'm 45 rolleyes.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: I am 29 DH is 35

kimberley replied: i am 31yo. i was 24yo with my first, 25yo with my second and 30yo with my third.

Josie83 replied:
Well its my 21st birthday today and I had Cassie when I was eighteen, maybe it is young but I don't think it makes that much difference. It annoys me when ppl have the cheek to comment on the age you are when you have your baby, surely how you bring them up is more important? Noone would ever lecture an older mother, what right do they think they have to lecture someone younger? Okay getting off my soapbox.gif now wink.gif xx

CantWait replied: 27 here thumb.gif

3_call_me_mama replied: I turned 25 in march, DH turned 26 in May. (Don't feel bad about your age when you have your first child.. my SIL's mother had her first at 14 and had 3 by 17! and it wasn't that long ago, she's 32 now!!) Besides, age is just a number.. if they measured age in maturity levels, we would all be different ages......

TeagansMom609 replied: Im 23, DH is 26

A&A'smommy replied: I'm 18 DH is 21 (will be 22 in less than 2 months I will be 19 in the beggining of november right before Alyssa turns 1) I was 17 when I got pg and I don't think I am glad I had Alyssa so young I will be 36 when she is my age hehe I will still be young lol rolling_smile.gif

Jamison'smama replied:
I'm 34, DH is 35 and we have a 2 year old and one on the way----And yep--even us "older mothers" get comments sometimes---"if you're going to have any more, you'd better hurry" "I hope to have kids young so that I won't be too old when they..." etc. and I'm not even that old smile.gif I am at "advanced maternal age" according to the OB ---the OB thinks it's funny too.

Lollie replied: I'm 22..turn 23 in October!!Hubby is 23. wub.gif

Mmmm...22,with a 4 month old baby girl and bub number 2 on the!! blush.gif

mama3x replied: Ok I am another oldie checking in unsure.gif

I'm 36.

I had DS when I was 23, just turning 24 a few days later. I was married to my first DH. So no, I don't think you're too young.

It really depends on the person. Some people are truly mature and ready at 18 and others aren't until their 40s or later. As for me, I have been ready neither of the 3 times I've been pg laugh.gif

Actually I have been lucky in the sense people think I am in my prime to be having kids (do they mean it or is it 'cause I just look in my 20s). My OB doesn't even give my age a 2nd thought which is why he agreed that an amnio, Triple-Screen and other tests commonly given to 35+ weren't necessary. I didn't see the point of getting them done.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: I was 23 when I had Maddie and one month shy of 27 when Ethan was born. I am 27 now. wink.gif

I just have to add that I am the youngest mother at Maddie's entire preschool. No lie. Not just her class, but the whole school. blush.gif It's crazy.

paradisemommy replied: ok this thread is kinda depressing cause now i feel old too!!! ohmy.gif

i'm 32, 33 this month
dh is 26, 27 this month

but that's ok... i wouldn't have it any other way. just took me a little longer to find my prince charming!! wink.gif (there's just too many toads out there!!) rolling_smile.gif

3xsthefun replied: I'm 23 biggrin.gif

I had Kaitlynn when I was 18 and Maegan when I was 22.

I think in my area there are lots of young moms.

maestra replied: Dh and I were both 26 when Jaci was born, and now we're both 28 ( I'm 4 months older) with #2 on the way.

kimberley replied:
haha Tammy! i totally agree! and our age difference is the same and it did take a ton of toads before i found my prince too! wub.gif laugh.gif

i am 31 (32 in oct) and Jamie was 26 in july.

dolfinrse replied: I'm 25, will be 26 in a week.

DH is 36

Elle replied: I'm 27, DH is 27 too and we had our first at 21.. then we had one baby every 2 years laugh.gif

edited to add - i'm the youngest mom at Alexis class (6 years old) but the moms of my other 2 kids' classmates are about my age (most of them)... weird

lsjulee replied: Me 34 and Sean 35.

I had Xin at 28 and An at 32. I was married to Sean at 23, and overhere, to get married at such age is considered to be early. ohmy.gif All my friends asked me to reconsider. dry.gif I told them, when I found my man, I found my man. laugh.gif Anyway don't criticise on my choice of life. dry.gif I'm very happy now, aint I? thumb.gif

The problem here is, everyone is getting married later and later. Now in average, everyone only marries in their 30s. blink.gif And only consider to have their first child in their average age of 35. blink.gif And boy, do we have stork problem now in Singapore!

I wanted to have children earlier. If I didn't have that miscarriage at 24, I wouldn't have problem concieving and with only two now.

megsmommie replied: I'm 26. Will be 27 on September 9th! biggrin.gif DF is 38.

megsmommie replied: ---

RachelsMomma replied: I'm 35 ... wacko.gif

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