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Towel usage - stupid poll

amynicole21 wrote: This was a debate on my favorite radio station yesterday. Too funny! The weird thing is, I'll use a towel for me over and over, but will usually only use one once for Sophia. rolleyes.gif

MomToMany replied: I'll use one 2-3 times or more, but the kids get a clean one everytime. DH is the same way.

coasterqueen replied:
I'm the same way as you Amy. blush.gif Before I lived with my DH I used a new towel every day. He thought I was insane and said NO WAY, lol. So I stopped. But I always get a new one every day for Kylie. Don't know why. blink.gif

DansMom replied: I grew up very poor, and have a conservative, use-it-till-it-falls-apart mentality, so I use the same towel until I can tell it's time to change it laugh.gif

Littlejojames replied: I'm so obsesed with washing things in the machine blink.gif . Anything goes in when im bored. I do around 10 washes a week and there is only the 2 of us at the minute. THATS REALLY BAD!!

MommyToAshley replied: Oh you want to start a debate in our house, don't ya! DH uses TWO new towels EVERY shower... drives me batty! wacko.gif Sorry honey, but she asked!

I use the same towel twice, usually, and Ashley gets a clean one every bath.

My2Beauties replied: I will use the same towel at least twice, sometimes three times before washing it, with Hanna I give her a new one every time though. tongue.gif

DansMom replied: You guys make me feel like a total slob!! laugh.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: I have to use a new towel everytime I shower! I'm the same way with the kids. There is only one exception and that is when we are out at camp, then the towels the kids use I just hang on the line to dry and they use them again.

Boys r us replied: New one everytime!!!!! I see that some of you have never seen the Dr Phil when they have test the household items for germs rolling_smile.gif J/K
I use two towels everytime I shower, one for the hair and one for my body.

5littleladies replied:
No don't feel that way. I use mine over and over too. I'm clean when I use it, and I hang it up to dry when I'm done so why not? happy.gif

jcc64 replied: I'm with Tracy and Jennifer. We have a well, and with 5 people in this house, I would be doing laundry around the clock if we changed towels after every shower. I have to pay attention to how much water we use b/c the well has run dry before.
Btw, Dee Dee, I use 2 towels as well. One for the hair, one for the body, would never get dry otherwise!

Maddie&EthansMom replied: I'm with Nichole on this. Years ago I saw this thing on TV (wasn't Dr Phil) where they looked at a towel under an ultraviolet light and there were mites feasting on the dead skin cells that were on the towel after the person used it 2 times. puke.gif I never used the same towel twice after that and I also have ALL white towels so I can wash them in BLEACH!!! The less mites the better IMO. rolling_smile.gif The same with sheets. There really are bed bugs ya know? unsure.gif

MomofJandB replied: My thing is it has to be dry! Sometimes my husband uses the towel left in the bathroom for his shower. If it's damp when I go to shower, it's a new one for me! The kids do use their towels a couple of times each too! Hey, it is after a bath or shower, so I'd like to assume it stays pretty clean! tongue.gif

loveydad replied:
Lol i do that too though! I used to have long hair and CANNOT stand wet hair on my shoulders, so i'd put one around my shoulders and one around my waist... my gf doesn't care because I do the laundry! but i only reuse a towl if its the towel i use to wash my face, and I usually reuse my shower towel to put under the kid's food table/highchairs... I can't stand a stiff towel on me! I've got some real sensitive skin

TeagansMom609 replied: When I lived at home with my parents I used 2 new towels everytime. One for my hair and one for my body. But now that were out on our own, and live in an apartment which doesnt have a washer and dryer in it we use them a few times before we wash them. Which grosses me out, but hey gotta do watcha gotta do right? I get skeeved out to think that you dry your butt and everything and then the next day you dont know if your drying your face with the part of the towel your dried your butt with the day before.

A&A'smommy replied: I voted 2-3 times but really there is no telling with me, I only use it once for Alyssa too. rolling_smile.gif

redchief replied: I need to show this to my eldest son... who must have a new towel for every shower... even when he's putting on the same underwear he wore beforehand. Oops... did I actually say that? Sorry Rick biggrin.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied: I will use a towel 2-3 times before I was it and since I have all sorts of hair I will use two towels.

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