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What is everyone doing for Moms Day?

luvmykids wrote: We're just going to church and then my parents are coming over, my mom wants to make a special lunch here and thats about it .... I can't complain, a great meal in my own house that I didn't have to cook thumb.gif And grandma and grandpa to entertain the kids, the next best thing to a day off!

Hope you all have a great Mothers Day and feel special, appreciated, and loved! wub.gif

kayla's mama replied: We are going to church. Jason plans on making me breakfast before we go then go to Applebee's to get their hamburger quesadilla....oh its so yummu yummy.gif Then His mom is coming over and we are grilling some steaks. I'll be eating good tomorrow biggrin.gif

AlexsPajamaMama replied: We arent doing much of anything here for Mothers Day. Last night (Friday Night) we had a night alone, MIL took Alex. I got my gifts already...the photo purse I wanted I purchased myself...and DH made me a mouse pad with Alex's picture on it! Walmart had the kits to make your own photo mouse pad!! wub.gif

Oh and the best of all.....My jeans have been falling off me lately so for fun I dug out my fave pair from before I got prego.....and two years after having a baby I'm back to my old size!! rolling_smile.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: Chris is leaving town tonight to visit his sister in the hospital in Tallahassee, and he is taking Christian.

So Kellie and I will be heading to church tomorrow, I just found out I have to work in the older 2yr olds class, again. So we will be there.

Other than that I have no plans. Just good quality time with my little baby girl. love2.gif

amymom replied: Yesterday was our anniversary. Money has been tight but we are going to dinner as a family tonight. (Our anniversary marks the beginning of our family so we always make the anniversary about the family as well as us as a couple!) We will celebrate Mom's day tonight as well. Beat the overpriced meals that the rest. serve on mom's day. Then church and relaxation tomorrow. A local firehall is doing Turkey dinners maybe I will send my hubby for take outs unless we have lots of leftovers from tonight. Prime Rib!!!

love2.gif Happy Mother's Day All love2.gif

Momof3inMe replied: We everyone is coming over here for a BBQ I hope it stops raining!!!!!

AlexsPajamaMama replied:
*Praying for no more rain*
sunflower.gif I want to see the sunshine sunflower.gif

ashtonsmama replied: We're going to church first, then my sister and her kids and DH are driving down to meet us for lunch, and we may possibly leave the kids with my MIL after we all eat so us adults can go see a movie or something, but it depends on how the kids we'll see. Ryan's taking me out to dinner tonight, MIL (again) is watching A....

PrairieMom replied: working. dry.gif It's also The Boy's 3rd birthday. bawling.gif I don't want to have to work/sleep through it! bawling.gif

holley79 replied: My mom is in Orlando at my granny's. I am working. We are having mother's day next weekend. blush.gif

Our Lil' Family replied: Going to church and then to SIL's house where all of DH's family and my mom and step dad will be to have lunch. Unfortunately we (me and 2 SIL's) are doing all the cooking, sucks that we don't really get a day off but I treated myself this morning! tongue.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: DH has to work. So I will be home with the girls until he gets home, then we will visit our mothers.

A&A'smommy replied: Well were going to church but jeremiah made an excuse for me not to have to go (and I wanted to go dry.gif ) but other than that I guess me and alyssa are going be lazy until time to go to my parents house for dinner later this afternoon. And jeremiah is going fishing this afternoon if he ever gets out of bed dry.gif

luvmykids replied:
hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif I've had those mothers days too, I'm sorry.

3xsthefun replied: We didn't do to much yesterday. The inlaws kept the girls for us yesterday, while we went to a mud bog. It was so boring. dry.gif Usually I like going to them but it ended up raining on us a couple of times. Also there was hardly any trucks there running in the thing.

Hopefully when we go to another one next month it won't be so boring.

I guess it was nice to get out of the house for a little while.

The girls made me some mother day cards while they was at the inlaws. That was a pretty good suprise. happy.gif

coasterqueen replied: Saturday evening DH and the girls took me out to dinner. Sunday morning they cooked me breakfast and then all 4 of us cleaned out and vacumed my van. I wanted that to be done, that was the only thing I requested we do on MD. happy.gif It needed it badly. Then we went over to my mom and dad's for lunch. Then we just lounged around and played at home. Dh went and got us our favorite pasta for dinner. He wanted to take us out, but I was just too tired to go somewhere so he brought it home. wub.gif

1lilpeanut2love replied: My SO cooked Kaylee and I breakfast. He cleaned up the house a little bit. We went to my Granmother's house for lunch.

We took Kaylee to Urgent Care because I was swinging her by her arms[embarrassed to confess]and her arm cracked. It turned out to be nothing. I feel like a bad mommy. I was SO scared they were going to take her away from me. My SO looked more scared than me!!

We came home and I took a nap. My SO made dinner. We had pork spareribs on the grill, green beans, and noodle stuff. YUMMI!

Kaitlin'smom replied: My sister and I took our mom to brunch, then home for awhile, did laundry and cleaned. Then to dinner with IL-well everyone ate but me growl.gif then when we got home I had to shower and wash Kaits hair mad.gif

lisar replied: We had a cook out with all of our friends (at my house) we deep fried some turkeys and I made alot of sides. We had alot of fun...

luvmykids replied:
I'm drooling now, I love deep fried turkey! thumb.gif

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