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Where do you buy yours clothes?

wcs40110 wrote: D is getting low on clothes. I hate paying full price. She is just going to stain them and grow out of them in a few months. So where do you guys snatch your bargains from?

mckayleesmom replied: I do buy some walmart, but I prefer Target clothes. They have great clearance too.

boyohboyohboy replied: usually the clearance racks and we get them even if the sizes are really huge at some point they will fit..I have found shirts and pants and last year a winter coat for under $3. usually target or kmart

A&A'smommy replied: EBAY is a great place to get awesome deals from you just have to watch price, shipping price and check the sellers rep.

ZandersMama replied: sears outlet is really good. i ordered summer clothes for zander there last nite, i got two outfits and 3 shirts for 30$

A&A'smommy replied: I just bought Alyssa 130 dollar dress for 12.75 off of ebay and I'm waiting on bidding on a dress for Autumn if I get it I will pay about 9 dollars for a 70 dollar smocked dress emlaugh.gif I LOVE it

Boo&BugsMom replied: Walmart and Target in the beginning of each seasonal change, when they come out with their cheap shirt/short/pants sets.

I always hit the clearance racks at the end of each season too and estimate what size they will be in the year following. I recently got Tanner a winter coat that resembles a Columbia for only $15, and Aiden a winter coat for $8...both for next year.

Jeans are the one thing I find myself buying all year long. I try to hit clearance when I can, but sometimes it's a bit hard.

Kentuckychick replied: I'm a JcPenney girl for the most part (blame that on my working there for 5 years) though you can often spot me at the Target or the Old Navy collecting some 2/$5 flip flops which usually leads to a few pairs of on sale pants or shorts.

JcPenney probably actually has the best quality for the price when you know what they're good brands are. They do sell a lot of stuff that I'm not fond of but but their Arizona brand (which is the JCPenney brand made by a popular well known clothing brand whose name I can't reveal wink.gif ) is really good quality.

And those JcPenney towels (which I think are the best for the buck)... totally made by Ralph Lauren! tongue.gif But you didn't hear it from me!

MoonMama replied:
Well now of course I wanna know! tongue.gif emlaugh.gif

I got Brae some Arizona summer clothes last year for like $2.99 for the shirts and $2.99 for the shorts and shoes too.

I'm probably the worst person to ask about getting bargains though. I know I spend way too much on Brae's clothes. cool.gif I can't help it. emlaugh.gif

Kentuckychick replied:
Lol -- nm I was thinking of the wrong brand (Arizona is the brand I like, but they are actually made by the "Arizona" company... the towels are RL though wink.gif )

I've always liked their jeans and their polos and I buy their khaki/black pants for work. I figure $19.99/pair for pants that have lasted me through 2 years of crawling around on the ground and being mauled by children is a pretty good deal.

I foresee myself being the parent that spends more on my kids clothes than on me... there's too much cute stuff out there. I just found out we have a new carters outlet store in town... I'm headed there tomorrow!

My2Beauties replied: I usually shop at Kohls or Penney's mostly, every once in a while I'll hit Target and very seldom Wal-Mart (usually as a last resort).

manda_nae_nae replied:
Wal-Mart and KMart, mostly. Also, yard sales, the flea market, and there's a consignment sale about 45 minutes from here every season, I get a lot from there.

coasterqueen replied: I just got 6 new outfits for Kylie, a jacket, and two pair of sunglasses at Children's Place for $51! I thought that was a pretty good deal. I wasn't going to buy her any school clothes, but she recently had some issues with her clothes and she's down to about nothing to wear to school now. Hopefully these 6 will get her through the hot days of school. She usually gets enough fall/winter for her birthday/Christmas to last her to where I don't have to buy her much of that.

my2monkeyboys replied: I love Kohl's when they are having a sale. I also buy from Walmart and Target. I used to buy a lot of Will's clothes from eBay when he was smaller (before he got to the age where clothes were getting worn out before they were outgrown). I am sure I'll get some of Waylon's that way, too.

mommyof4 replied: I find great deals at Old navy and childrens place .

I got dd 6 new summer dresses at old navy for 3.99 each I got for next summer

Childrens place where I am also has all summer cloth on for 3.99 each .

I got last year the kids snow suits for 9.99 for this year , and I think they will fit . I figured if it didnt it wasnt alot and would be a great gift to put away for someone .

ChristineA replied: I buy a lot from old navy during there season end sales as well as The childrens place outlet store thats in my city. I usually buy at walmart if I need stuff at beginning of a season.

Cherie replied: If I'm buying, I'd go to Walmart or Old Navy... or even ebay.

Or else I look on "Freecycle" and see if there are any gently used clothes.

mommyof4 replied: I keep hearing of freecycle can someone tell me about it please.

A&A'smommy replied: Target has some good stuff and good prices.. BUT if you can find a carters store you can get ALL kinds of coupons on top of sales and buy a whole outfit for 10 or less dollars

raven092177 replied: we usually do wal mart, flea markets and yard sales. i picked Romma up several little dresses last year before she was born from wal mart for $1 each and several outfits and varoius yard sales and flea markets for anywhere from .25cents to $2.00. the other day i picked her up a little skirt for $1 that'll fit her this summer and a jacket for $2 that she can wear next winter at wal mart. i think the highest we've spent on one item of clothing was about $7 and it was one of those snuggy sleepers that babies sleep in.

AlenaScott replied: I prefer to get them from some baby boutique as they have good handmade baby products.

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