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My Shower Yesterday! - My AUNT bought Maddy a STAR!
Diary of a Whimpy Kid?
Has Anyone read this? - Cancer Vaccine...
cat/dog poll
Miami Ink - does anyone else watch this?
Newport Aquarium - question
Cory Haim
Here are the new ones - I FOUND THEM
Pumpkin carving pictures.
Looked up my son's nose....
guess whos gonna be a daddy
Do you see strange things on your drive - >>>camels
I broke down and bought a pair.
Locations of everyone....
Look what I made today
Prepare me!
Divorce talk tonight - I've made a mess of my life
~* In The Spotlight *~ - Katherine
Izabella's teeth! I'm freaking out. - HELP!!
Tubal ??
HELLO - I miss this place
Here it is - The New Dress!!!!!
Okay Spin Offs from endearments - Opposite
Hey all..... - Just got back....
OMG - did you see House last night???
this is zandersmamas husband - lisa wanted me to update
Name 5 of your concieving tips - Everyone join in and share ideas
Read this!!!
Jason's valentine pics
You guys did not pray for my cake! - I can tell...
Please pray for me
Diaper rash
This is pretty weird
AI tongiht - *spoiler people!*
news story from dh - forced to vacinate ( by armed guards)
personal shopper
What am I gonna do with this kid?!?!?!?
What is the controversy??
what's the temp in what area of the country? - have you done this lately?
Giant baby
What do you see Universal Healthcare as
<sigh> anyone else swellin up?
How do I know if my child needs braces? - Braces for your children
Grrrrrr DH Vent - so mad!
Kade's first political debate... - *picture*
Dentist - At what age?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Holley!!!!! - holley79
Disney Cruises - ever depart on one?

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