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Eating/Meal Times
Not an update but... - picture of Kate
would you?
The Devil is sitting on my shoulder....WWYD?
Let's see how much .....
I don't know how you Co-sleepers - do it....Mckaylee slept with me last
My Crew! - pics
Update on coffee afternoon
Hi all and halloween pics!
Prenatal Vitamins
Eviction notices for Kimberly and Holley
Nothing better than a good ol pair of
Just Update On My Dad Again
Birthday Cake Poll !!!! - need opinions
Am I the only one
Happy Birthday Ashley - Rod and DeeDee's DD
Tantrums! - When do they start and end?
I had to share this story with all of you...
Hello.. I am back - Anyone miss me..?/
OMG! Another Hurricane! - Hurricane Jeanne
so nervous and scared... but happy
LOL, an amusing Logan funny
New Name
Couples Christmas Question...
Day 2 of wheatgrass juice - YUCKO
Need new book series suggestion
Do You Snoogle?
Highlights of your day with your kids....
jacob had a seizure last night :( - prayers..please
What's your favorite Christmas song?
DONALD TRUMP - HATE HATE HATE (I'm sorry, but I do)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS - (Our Lil' Family's Baby)
August Photo Assignment
What are you ding right now?
when is it most risky?
Hillarious - Ebay Auction
I FINALLY met my dr.!! - My first GOOD appt.!
Hi new here with twins.........
Worried about the baby.
had to take this
Some new pics of Caitlyn
The sweetest boy at McDonalds - today
I made the paper.
Wife wanted me to drop you guys a line
Claudia Did Great!
You goes BOTH ways.

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