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Missed American Idol.
Now I am the bad Mommy...
Just some Jamison pictures
Okay, here are some pictures
Aaron's gonna kill me
omg....i just tinkled... lol
Ok, my birthday SO did not suck
Resignation - this is cute!
Judge sends Paris Hilton back to jail
Heeeellllp! - PT regression
Need Advice - Maybe TMI
Can you help settle a debate?
is your christmas shopping done
OK lemme see if I did this right
I hate to jinx myself - or her...
horrible day :( - ER visit and FLEAS FLEAS FLEAS!!!
me feel depressed today
How flippin embarassing!!!
Sophia met K today - pics included
Happy Birthday KatieLeigh79!!
Back from biopsy...
had a sono this morning
Well..... - IT'S ABOUT TIME
What are everyones plans for tonight??
We're thinking of gettting rid - of our dog :(
Did a website for Jordan
Touch of Home
My first OB appt with baby #2
Do you wear your
Visiting Santa - pics
We are home and - prayer request..m/c mentioned...
What does it mean - hope its not tmi
And it begins - the questions...........
Teacher and Bus Driver gifts
ummm ow?
Leanne(hannasmommy) - got some good news... but may be freaky
Sad - I sent the babies to daycare :(
this is why i love watching maury
Just had to share this picture
Need some Thoughts and Prayers Please!!
Jacks First Day Pics
Logan has some funky stuff - on his face
Denise Richards had her baby...
Well DH is gone
Jenna is obsessed with a jacket!
Can anyone tell me why my post was removed?
Dog People - ????
WTH!?!? - 4-yr-old = sexual harassment
The Many Adventures of Mckaylee - dug up some old photos of distruction

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