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List 5 petty annoyances
PET-PEEVES!!!!! - Am I the only one??????
Finally got my Cousins Pro pictures of the girls - up
Marcus lost his cool with Jenna
Summer Programs?
How much did your baby gain at 2 month check up?
I am so mad.... - I don't know why-NOTHING new!!!!!
bottle feeding - so tired of the debate
Update on my stolen diaper bag
Found a dress - for my sister's wedding (pic)
He had roses delivered!!! - pic inside
I can't stand SNOTTY KIDS
Well I figured out - what is up with my hair....
Back to doc with jenna today.... - jenna is SICK!!!!
Lol - pic of Naomie.... - it's funny looking
Toddler Bed - when did you switch?
wedding update...
Myspace - My account
Watch out you guys - Scrapbook program
Sad and not in the mood for the holidays
checking in with less than 8 weeks to go!
Funny Little Man - My big talker
Yippy! Yay! He Turns One Year Today! - Just a Small Family Bash Though.
Back in this 1 week wait!!
Happy Birthday Rocky (ZEN Mommy)!!
Emeralds first day of daycare
need a job....
So excited
Maddie went to the doc today!!!! - update inside
M/S finally gone????
UGHH! What can I do? (Public tempers and fits)
This is soooo backwards - airline prices
Lisa and I have saved 1,410.00 - in the last three months
Not sure what to do - help
Golden Retriever kills girl
Going to go to ob triage
Some pictures I took today
Do your kids...........
I'm so stressed and can't handle it - Just another vent
Took Katherine to the dr. today
is it warming up whre you live?
2 1/2 ... still wants binky :(
Saw the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist today!
Happy 4th Bday Katherine!
Guess what I found
Daniel's Easter Egg Hunt pics - He wouldn't smile!
Teetering on the edge of being a rotten mom
A couple of pics of Jack
A new way..... - you gotta see this!

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