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Does anyone **actually** understand
Question about breastfeeding
Jack new haircut - and color!!!! LOL
Gettin' big already!!! - Checkout the belly
~*~*Mystery Parent*~*~
sleeping - not doing very well
Crazy weather...
Is our the only one?
Sippy Cup and Pacifier - Any suggestions
Valentines poll
These darn fires
Hi everyone - I am back........
Did you know that 6 pull ups will soak up - all of the water from a toilet?
if you want to see... - pics of Jenna in her flowergirl dress!
I have to tell you
Tara's Dresses on my girlies! Come See!
Pain relief or no?
How did you
Weigh In Wednesday!
oh my gosh will this week never end
Michael Jackson had a heart attack
My hubby
These BH are driving me INSANE!
Boden needs prayer! - Found out bad news yesterday(VSD)
The Party - lots of pics
Big Al's party!
A Message From Ashley
Eyebrow help please
Guess where I am going tonight
I really have to hide now - But GREAT news!
consequences for teenager - how to deal with drug use
A couple of pics of the boys - from the 4th
Going to bed later during the summer?
curfews and dateing
It makes perfect sense
Last Meal?
Here is a silly question - How do you......
at what age...?
Any suggestions?
Weight check today - drumroll please
What a CUTEIE!!!
GReat News....... - ughhh!
Grandpa passed away - I'm struggling/long post/vent
Ladies...question for you - NOT FOR THE GUYS, lol
New Pictures! - Random, mostly of the kiddos.
sentimental...or just a freak?
yesterday evening....
American Wedding
Jack has already got his whole life planned
Advice please - Only brutaly honest people

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