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Guess what???
High Fives for everyone...
just found out - pregnant
About my period - Guys, you don't wanna know... LOL
Another Mushy Post :) - sentimental songs
New HERE. - Intro!
Update from me
Jenna is sick AGAIN
Please read!
Anyone live really close to Palm Springs
Ava is here! - We're home!
DH/SO's buying you clothes
SAHM's I have a question?
Finally...a couple consistant - words
Ok...forget me, Obama and McCain...
Telephone - do you let your little one play with it.
I was in a car accident on Monday
Just got Kylie's spring pics done again
Wish me luck - Macie/dentist
Whoa, DH is possessed - with a nicer more thoughtful guy LOL
DD's big night!
It's 2006 already! Happy New Year! - where did the time go?
Awww MAN!! - To my secret santa...
Hi There
Just put a knife through my heart
What would you do?/ Have you done?
Welcome to the Puppet Theater
If you wanna be
The things they say....
Lets do it.. - Most users online
Speaking of rednecks...
He did it!!! - I am officially engaged!!!!!!!!!&#
fav food your kids cant get enough of... - inspired by a question M2A posted
transient hypogammaglobulinemia - jakob
Bluebonnets anyone.... - South Texas style
I'm official - I'm a business owner!
OMG, no wonder
now list your favorite
Looks like
The party last night
too hot! i'm melting!
Thinking ahead
New Year's Eve Plans
Is it possible for them to make babies?
Very sad story... - I just can't believe it WARNING GRAPHIC
apparently we are potty training.
The verdict is in...

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