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Probably not the right forum... - but i had to tell you...
American Idol Conspiracy.. - Crazy!!!!!
Need gift ideas
Bye Everyone - I will be MIA
We're back from Memphis! - what an eventful trip!
My turn to do the Happy Dance!
I'm insulted!!! (this is silly!) - Dr. Phil strikes again!
need advice - Jakob
"Sparkling Wiggles" video - anyone seen it?
Need help...
What am I gonna do with this kid?!?!?!?
Tell us about your zoo?
SO DEPRESSED!!!!!!! - The kids @ work called me FAT...... :(
I had to take Brae
Public restrooms...
I MAY GO TO JAIL - i might kill my downstairs neighbors
Have you gone on a Disney cruise?
They got custody!!!!
oh how they have grown - my kiddos (pics)
What passy??? - YEAH
You need to know this information
ya'll are going to kill me!! - pics galore.....
Mommy Brag - I'm so proud :)
About had a heart attack.....
Spin off of J-rod's Post - Funerals and burials...
Wanted to share a pic
Our adoption story
My Little Princess, Emma! - Hope this photo comes out...
New pics of us
Happy 4th Anniversary Brianne and Leithan's
The baby that wont sleep
Big Field Trip - How much money to send?
Do you watch Baby Story on TLC?
Doctor stuff
something i have always considered
Pray that Marie is safe
Hey Mr. Plumber Man! - Redchief, is that you? Or DV?
Dilemma.... - Opinions wanted...
Some pics and an update on us
ok, here's a question....
LOVIN having Arabella here! - (pics)
Jennas Walmart Pictures...
Honestly, what do you think?
Yup, she's going to be a lawyer some day...
A good sign?Or a look at my future annoyances?
In case you wondered...
Are the two of you (your DH/SO & you) opposites?
Going to VEGAS Baby

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