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Olivia's 7 today!!!
caleb is really sick - viral meningitis
I'm kind of bothered by this.
Why on Earth - Would they be doing this today
Well guess what.. Tanner is a vet - Lots of excitement and pics!!!!
Career Path? - Looks like O might have found one!
How much TP do you use?
About an hour and a half until
Some pics I took this morning.
I'm back from u/s
What a workout! - I'm sweatin
Planning a baby/currently pregnant? - More babies, or are you done?
cute Jason story
How handsome is he??
Math in kindergarten??
Im switching FLIPPING daycares... - enough is enough!
I wanted to let you know, I will be MIA - for awhile
Bra question - Could be TMI
Daughter doesn't want to go to wedding
Hair Help
Initial results of the 'closet fish' project
Back to School Shopping for SPENCER!
This is really weird!
Nora and Sophia's school pictures
Time to have this baby
ok intervening defenitely has to be done...
What is a decent amount you would pay - for a cookbook?
Nothing like... - update on the morning
Does anyone elses kids have a - fetish?
I am new here
DH & I fighting about Parenting Club - why does he trip on it?
Big conflict... - about Emma's Birthday.
Husbands bond with newborn
Question for bf moms - who are also pg
Breast Reduction
Belly Pic ... - anyone ???
Pic of my two cuties
Would you prefer...
Constantly naked?
Ok if Josie gets English to English - I want to confess
So who is ready for Black Friday???
SOOOO Proud of Ashley....
Has anyone used the rubber playground mulch? I see I'm not
Happy First Birthday Nicholas - (momofajcl's DS)
How to dress urban chic
New photos and siggy!! - **pics are in my siggy!**

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