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Teething...Chicken Bone?!?!?!?!?
Our Easter Pics...a few days late
Baby Hair question
OMG!!!! - warning - youngbaby, graphic, horrible!!
What time of the day/night is your - Fav.
Cool Picture
We Have to Stay With my MIL!
Forgot to tell you all... - about Ethan's first day
Can I put him in his crib?
lazy summer days....
Well, that just great!
OMG im pregnant!
Somebody please tell me why....
i am amazed - and impressed
Maybe they DO like eachother!
We're home from Chicago! - Took us 8.5 hrs to go a 3 hr ride home!
VENT My MIL drives me crazy sometimes.
My grandma is a piece of work
FB Friends?
What's in a disposable diaper....
This can't be healthy - We need major prayers
How old were your children when they - learned to tie their shoes?
You know you're from Alabama when...
Insurance question... - need help :)
Potty training....UGH.... - Please don't start a debate
I need lots of prayers..for my dad
New here too....
OK, gas...what do you do when you've - tried everything
I thought this was realy interesting... - sorry, I'm a big nerd.
Whats for dinner tonight - ?
Please Pray for him......
It's Not Graft-Versus Host Desease
Chris on American Idol tonight - not really a **spoiler**
Where do you draw the line? - dog spinoff
Friend's 6yo resenting new baby
Whats for dinner???
Mother's Day Gift
My Pooka is 14 months old today and
Happy 1st Birthday Mckaylee
Have to show off my little mans new toofers
Do you believe....
my o my!!!!! WASNT EXPECTING THIS!!! N
Just some random pics
We got Ava today. - pics ANN! (CAMSMOM)
just for fun
Iain said I love you!

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