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Whats everyone doing for the Superbowl?
Induction cancelled
I'm going to kill them!!!!!!!!
Update on my surgery
okay plumming question
Cramped lungs + stuffy nose =miserable night
Just a pic I want to share - One of our trucks and a flag
New here - I'm not a parent but
Opinions, please
what a day so far.......
It's days like this I appreciate my DH - You HAVE to read this
Anyone from Louisiana? - since Terri and Kimberly met
I'm having a rough time - vent, marital problems.
Thank you everyone!
Napoleon Dynamite Fans - I owe you an apology....
Good Diet - I need one
Check out the new photo of the week!!
Omg, Brianna fell down the stairs!!!!
How on earth do you keep your kids CLEAN?
R.I.P Patrick Swayze
Anyone seen.... - Amanda, Ashtonsmama?
I hear a scream from the living room..
are you sleep deprived ??
Lots and Lots of pics of Des's 13th Birthday Bash! - and I mean lots!
what do you guys think? - if the woman purposes?
I have 2 questions....
Gut instinct
I have a new ticker!!
The Price is Right
need techie help..
Help me. :-(
big question
Any body want to switch hubbies?
1 small step for man.....
Can you guys help me - proofreading this letter for SNL
!!Acetaminophen Recall Announced!!
I heard children are a real pleasure
Does time go faster when you become a parent?
No money, no food....overdrawn - and we don't get paid until Saturday
Please take this survey
ever feel like nothing - you do is good enough??
We changed the spelling of her name
Pics of jenna Girl:)
Poor DH LOL - pic

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